Feeling Blessed

19 Nov



Today was my Birthday.

Now I have to confess I was initially feeling anxious about it not about getting older, that doesn’t bother me; age is just a number. It’s the organising, keeping others happy and well no one wants to feel somewhat expendable by others. Well anyway last year I kinder went through a little break down over the whole situation. I planned a social gathering, some people cancelled; others didn’t confirm blah blah cut the story short I cancelled the whole thing. So this year I told myself it’s not about how many people I can cram in one room together celebrate, it’s about me having a nice time and spending it with some awesome people who I have in my life. So kept it low-key.

And I’m so Happy to say this year has to have been by far one of my favourite (adult) birthdays I have ever had. I was surrounded by my nearest and dearest friend’s, a couple were missing but I know we’ll meet up in the future; they have their own thing’s going on at the moment and I’m not going anywhere.

So needless to say I got through it and with no panick attacks woohoo!


My daddy-kittens bought me flowers aren’t they beautiful!!


Mad Girl’s Love Song

16 Nov


I used to read a lot of poetry when I was younger and this has to be one of my favourites.

I love Sylvia Plath she had so much talent. I used to think that this was about a imaginary boyfriend and what she longed for. But now when I read it, I see it’s  about lost love. She’s lost her love and coming to terms with this loss at first believing he will return and then realising that’s not the case.


Autumn Blues

16 Nov

It’s official, I’ve been taken hostage; “hostage by whom” I hear you cry. Hostage by The Autumn Blues. I’ve always disliked this time of year it’s just so dull and grey. There’s nothing worse then waking up to darkness outside, it just gives you no drive to actually get out of bed and start the day. I’m not a morning person in the first place but at least in the summer/ spring you have something to get up for.

I blame my somber mood for my last few days of silence on here, that’s why I haven’t posted any blogs. I just haven’t felt the oomph to do so. Which I actually enjoyed doing. So it frustrates me even more so because it’s like I’m spiting myself by not posting (messed up logic land).

I need to snap out of this spiralling pattern that will inevitably turn into depression. Bloody winter sucks.



NYX #GlitterGoals!

10 Nov

I have recently purchased NYX Glitter Primer. So I figured I would do a little review on the product.

This is what I bought:

It’s retailed at £15

I personally love NYX cosmetics, it has a wide variety of products all in gorgeous selections of colours and with amazing affordable prices to match.

I originally bought this for Halloween (which was a fabulous excuse, If I do say so myself) I’d wanted it for ages. The primer itself is of a light constancy, at first I was concerned that I wouldn’t like it; in the past I have used Vaseline where I wanted the glitter to be placed. This does work but I found that vaseline can be irritating around your eyes. It would also smudge through the night and the glitter would clump together or you’d get gaps in the creases of your eyes. Whereas, I have worn NYX Primer 3+ times and it hasn’t smudged, it doesn’t get clumpy and a small amount goes far which is a big pro because I do like to sparkle occasionally but I don’t want to pay out too much on a product to do so.



As for the glitters so far I have only used the green one but I’m completely in love with it. I used two seperate brushes to apply both the Primer and then the glitter, for the glitter I used a cheap blending brush; the glitter stayed nicely on the primer. I’m pretty sure if you picked up the primer on its own you’d be able to use glitter that isn’t NYX brand just as well as theres.


Other products used to do my eye make up…..




Me #1

10 Nov

Putting pen to paper comes more natural to me,
Expressing my emotions; without anyone having to see,
Neither having to wait around to gauge what their reaction may be,
In my case my expression says it all,
‘If looks could kill’ my parents would say,
I’m an honest person; there’s no other way,
Theres nothing wrong divulging your opinion,
But from a distance is much more eloquent for me,
It takes a lot for me to snap but when I do its uncontrollably,
I’m getting better at hiding and concealing but for a while there; I got sloppy,

Stranger Things 2

8 Nov

Everyone is talking about it and quite frankly if you’re not then you must rectify that; NOW!

SEASON 2’s Trailer for a lil taster.


So I officially finished ‘Stranger Things 2’ sunday night. What can I say, it didn’t disappoint. It’s equally as brilliant as the original season and there’s added characters for you to get to know Love em, Hate them and sympathise with them all great editions. I don’t think I have personally wanted to binge watch something as much as this since RuPaul’s Drag Race or Breaking Bad.

Now I’m going to try my very hardest not to ruin anything for anyone that hasn’t watched it yet but I do have to say I love the relationship that’s blossomed for Hopper and Eleven it’s so sweet and endearing.

All of the cast are so talented for their ages and I’m sure they are going to go far in life.

Not to mention how awesome it was to see Sean Astin’s name in the credits. Original Goonie joining the cast.


Believe the Hype, Be a sheep; you’ll not regret it!

Oh also I’m slightly addicted to Stranger Things the game! It’s an app guys; its free! Super hard but addictive!! Get on it!

Meh #1

8 Nov

Self worth and positivity,  Preservation in yourself, Finding sanctuary in others and understanding,

Not even understanding but simply showing the intent to try to understand, These are what I strive for in my life, To be loved and accepted; unconditionally,

Your toughest critic is yourself, Self loathing can be a bitch,


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